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School Dress Code


Goshen School Dress Code


Goshen School maintains high expectations and an academic focus at all times. Students are to be dressed in a manner that does not in any way distract from this focus. Clothing and appearance must also not pose a safety or health hazard to students or the school environment. This includes anything that is considered gang-related.

These dress and appearance guidelines were developed by a committee of parents, staff and law enforcement and approved by the Goshen School Site Council/English Learner Committee. Its goal is to provide students and parents with specific information about expectations for dress and appearance (including backpacks).

Dress and appearance standards are in effect at all times during school, on the way to school or going home from school, and at any school function.

Appropriate dress includes:

  • Pants and shorts that fit around the waist without a belt. They may not be baggy or overly large. If side seams meet in the front, pants are too baggy.
  • Tops with stripes, prints, solid colors, etc.
  • Shirts and tops that have sleeves or straps more than 1½ inches (3 fingers) in width.
  • Dresses and skirts at least mid-thigh length.
  • Shorts that have a 3-inch inseam.
  • Earrings, worn in the ears only.
  • Shoes with a back strap.

The following are inappropriate and not allowed at school:

  • Clothing with words or pictures that are not appropriate for the school environment. (Examples include obscenities, symbols representing alcohol, drugs or tobacco, gang colors, gang materials, gang behavior, weapons, sexually explicit words or pictures, tagging, or violence.) Words and pictures on all garments may not be altered in any way. Words or pictures may not be added to plain garments.
  • Halter tops, tube tops, half tops, or see-through tops; tops with spaghetti straps; muscle or undershirts; fish nets; tank tops or any top with large armholes
  • Biker shorts or other excessively tight clothing
  • Hair with unusual designs, colors, or cuts
  • Make-up of any kind or fake nails.
  • The wheels of “Heelies”. These are shoes with wheels. The wheels can be removed during school time.
  • Hats, bandanas, sunglasses, or any other head gear, other than full wide-brimmed hats used for sun protection.
  • Initialed belt buckles and hanging belts. Belts may not hang beyond belt loops.
  • Clothing with any college or professional sports names, symbols, or sports logos.
  • Facial piercings and any body piercing jewelry, jewelry (such as jelly bracelets) that can have gang or sexually suggestive significance, or tattoos.

This dress and appearance code can be revised as necessary. Parents are encouraged to call or come by the office to ask about any clothing. Decency and safety are the guidelines by which the principal and assistant principal will make all final decisions regarding dress and appearance.